Required tax number (NIE)
If you wish to purchase a property in Spain, you will need a Spanish tax number (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) or NIE for short. This number must be stated in all legal transactions (opening a bank account, rental contract, purchase contract, etc.). You can apply for it at the Spanish immigration office or at any Spanish consulate abroad. If you have acquired it, you will need a Spanish bank account because when concluding a contract of sale in Spain, it is still customary to hand over a cheque for the agreed purchase price.

Reservation contract
In Spain it is common to sign a reservation contract (contrato de arras). The buyer pays a reservation fee and in return the seller agrees not to sell the property to anyone else. The fee paid is deducted from the purchase price when the contract of sale is concluded. If the buyer decides against the purchase, he loses the payment made.

Real estate rental license on the Costa del Sol
Requirements for a rental license (Registro de Turismo de Andalucía) on the Costa del Sol can vary by municipality and province, as responsibility for tourism matters often lies at the regional or local level. In order to obtain a rental license for a vacation rental on the Costa del Sol, certain requirements must usually be met. Here are some of the common requirements:
1. safety and health standards: The property must meet certain safety and health requirements to be allowed to be rented out as a vacation rental.
2. compliance with local building codes: The property should comply with local building codes and regulations.
3. registration of guests: you  must register the guests staying in the vacation accommodation and submit the required data to the local authorities.
4. taxes and fees: As a landlord, you must pay the appropriate taxes and fees that apply to the rental of vacation accommodations in the area.
5. insurance: in some municipalities, liability insurance may be required in order to rent out the vacation accommodation.
6. registration with the tourism authority: you must register the vacation accommodation with the local tourism authority and apply for a license.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of the municipality where the property is located. To do this, you should contact the local tourism authorities or the town hall (Ayuntamiento). They can provide more detailed information about the steps and documents required to apply for a rental license on the Costa del Sol. For example, the property must be equipped with heating and air conditioning, a guest complaint book and a first aid kit.

Since the legal requirements and procedures are complex, it is advisable to seek professional help from a lawyer or an expert to ensure that you comply with all the regulations and can legally rent out the vacation rental property.

Comparison of areas MARBELLA EAST or MARBELLA WEST
Marbella East:
– Marbella East includes areas such as Los Monteros, Elviria and Cabopino towards Mijas.
– It is known for its beautiful beaches, golf courses and a quieter atmosphere.
– There are exclusive villas and residential complexes with high security standards.
– Its proximity to beaches and natural parks makes it attractive to nature lovers and beach enthusiasts.
– There is also a good selection of schools, restaurants and shopping in the area.
Marbella West:
– Marbella West includes areas such as Puerto Banús, Nueva Andalucía and San Pedro de Alcántara towards Estepona.
– It is known for its glamorous atmosphere, upscale stores, restaurants and vibrant nightlife.
– Puerto Banús is the popular marina that attracts celebrities and jet-setters.
– There are a variety of golf courses and exclusive residential developments.
– The proximity to Puerto Banús and the lively city of Marbella offers a wide range of entertainment options.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If one prefers a quieter life on the beach, Marbella East might be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the glamorous city life, nightlife and upscale shopping, Marbella West might be a better fit. WE WILL FIND OUT TOGETHER :-).


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